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This girls road 

The road has been long and hard, but still, you are my mighty, beautiful girl who holds my hand and likes to walk barefoot in streams. This little girl grew, in strength and with words. She knew joy and contentment. She knew where to rest her head, and she knew that when a battle called her to stand and fight she could do it. For she knew I went with her.

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Unheard Fighter 

Is difficult when you have learned to hide how extra emotional you are, and you have to show strength in difficult time when you have already practice it over in your mind and heart before even happen you are just prepared for disappointment and painful situations. My fiancé lost his grandmother and I couldn’t hold it together, he is strong and also tries to show no emotion maybe because of the men nature. Life is hard and should be valued live Day by Day tomorrow… we just don’t know what is going to bring or if you be able to live the tomorrow. 

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Unheard Mother 

Spouses… Stay home mom even stay home dad… Big applause to them! Who stays up all night (or have less sleep) and all day! (With no nap) who take care of your children, the house, your dirty clothes, dinner and your next day lunch! And sometimes we don’t even hear a thank you! 

For making a special dinner and you thought that when you got married you married a chef, nurse, doctor and the list could go one… make you dinner and you end up criticizing how dry the chicken was and ends up trying to cook something fast so you could eat and ether way end up eating cereal… 

Come from work eat, shower and watch tv… how about your kids or a little help for your spouse… no wait sorry we wasn’t working we weren’t in the office or under the sun all day we apologize we were home… doing to you what ? Nothing ? 

Appreciate what you have at home, we try our best and beyond best be thankful… 

That’s all just be thankful for us