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When you learn how to treat the women you married, Mather of your kids the women of your life… maybe then she will go to infinite and beyond…

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Truth is…

The truth is that it has been two miserable months! Full of life situations that I never imagined I could have reached or experienced.. has been tough and emotional and is still is. Question is how have I find the strength and courage to continue and not given up… all I have wanted to do is just simple don’t give a f*** drop everything and disappear. Hard doing that when your are a mother of two soon to be mother of three. How can you hide so much from your kids just because they don’t understand grownups situations that you have to just find the strength and leave the tears behind bathroom doors… be the fun happy mami and just looking at their smile life just tells you that everything will be back to normal everything will be okay this won’t last this is just a situation that you will soon be out off. My kids and my husband are the reason I fight and I continue…

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This girls road 

The road has been long and hard, but still, you are my mighty, beautiful girl who holds my hand and likes to walk barefoot in streams. This little girl grew, in strength and with words. She knew joy and contentment. She knew where to rest her head, and she knew that when a battle called her to stand and fight she could do it. For she knew I went with her.

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Unheard Fighter 

Is difficult when you have learned to hide how extra emotional you are, and you have to show strength in difficult time when you have already practice it over in your mind and heart before even happen you are just prepared for disappointment and painful situations. My fiancé lost his grandmother and I couldn’t hold it together, he is strong and also tries to show no emotion maybe because of the men nature. Life is hard and should be valued live Day by Day tomorrow… we just don’t know what is going to bring or if you be able to live the tomorrow.